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The Science of Getting Rich - Camera Work 59

My wife, Tamara, joins me to discuss the book, "The Science of Getting Rich".


Photographing in Cuba - Camera Work 58

Soul Brother joins John Ricard to discuss photographing in Cuba.


Camera Work 51 - Mitch Jackson, Writer

Mitch Jackson joins John Ricard to discuss how he is using photography in his upcoming, "Survival Math" book.  Mitch uses a Polaroid camera purchased from the Impossible Project.


Camera Work 45

Tamara, wife of John Ricard joins in to discuss "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up".


Camera Work 44

My wife, Tamara guests.


We start with my list of “5 Things We Don't Like About Other Podcasts”.  These include, Long intros, Inside jokes, Too many visual elements on an audio podcast.  Tamara suggests I should focus on the positive, rather than the negative.

We then move on to discuss, “Life! By Design: 6 Steps to an Extraordinary You” by Tom Ferry a book Tamara recently read.  The book asks you to answer, questions like: How do you feel about your career?  How do you feel about your relationships? How do you feel about your health?  How do you feel about your income? 

The book inspired Tamara to create a blog,  I point out that Tamara’s blog does much better than mine in terms of actual readers/views.  My blog has always been forced or contrived.  My heart has never really been in my blogging.  Tamara’s blog is more authentic and I believe that is why she gets more viewers.

Tamara says the Life: By Design book suggests that we should feel free to change.  Sometimes your friends will try to put you in a box and its hard for you to escape that box.  I used that concept to discuss how a photographer may tell aspiring model to not bring her friend to a shoot.  This can seem sleazy on the part of the photographer, but often there s a legitimate reason.  Perhaps the photographer is trying to take the model beyond her comfort zone, and often the friend will bring her back down to earth.  

The book talks about how, once you are done with the exercises you should be willing to set the example that other people will want to live up to.  Your life should not just be for you.  You should live in a way that other people can look to you and be inspired.  Tamara says, she encourages her coworkers to create their own blogs.  She points out that they have cameras/phones and the Wordpress platform is free, so there is no reason they shouldn’t be blogging.

Sean Cummings from Show Magazine once told me that I should view my Instagram feed as a source of inspiration to others.  I've always believed that everyone should have the opportunity to do something creative.  We all should get to be models, and directors and photographers.  These fun professions should not be reserved for just a "creative" few.